Dear Fellow Sailor,

Sail Charleston is a group of like-minded individuals who feel that sailing is an underutilized and under-appreciated sport in Charleston. In our opinion, Charleston offers one of the country’s best harbors and surrounding waters for year-round sailing. So, there’s tremendous potential for this sport to grow. And that is Sail Charleston’s goal – to increase participation in this sport and to develop greater awareness about sailing opportunities in and around Charleston.

At the present time, Charleston has many factions involved in sailing yet no central source that offers information about the sport. To address that, we established this website that will serve as a resource for anyone interested in getting into sailing. There is comprehensive information regarding instructional programs, rental opportunities, charter possibilities, maintenance services and much more. Anyone interested in sailing will find listings on the website for local yacht clubs and sailing organizations, along with information about their instructional programs and the benefits of membership. Viewers will also find information about businesses and associations that offer sailing opportunities and support services. In addition we will will offer information about what is going on in sailing in Charleston by way of a calendar and stories about events and local sailing personalities.

We truly appreciate your support of the greatest pastime and of the best place in the world to enjoy it – Charleston!

Sail Charleston Board

Mailing Address:

Charleston Community Sailing
P.O. Box 21811
Charleston, SC
(843) 607-4890

PHOTO CREDITS: Jessica Koenig, Priscilla Parker

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