Major household appliances which include refrigerators, freezers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, and washing machines need expert appliance repair services when they break down because of daily wear from their use. You need to have in mind a local appliance repair company with convenient services to fix your machine when you need the service in Charleston, South Carolina.

Types of major home appliance service

Refrigerator repairs – including freezer and icemaker repairs

Problems with refrigerators not cooling are among the most critical of major household appliance repairs. Most homeowners looking for appliance repair charleston cannot wait for too long when a fridge is not working because food items when not stored in cold temperatures can go bad too quickly. Most appliance repair companies will treat requests for refrigerator repair appointments as emergency appliance services that if possible can be provided as same-day appliance service.

Washer and dryer repairs

Washing machine leaking, washer won’t start or turn on, washer not draining, the dryer won’t turn on, dryer not heating or dryer taking too long to dry clothes and similar problems are common with laundry appliances. Depending on the cause or severity of the problems with these major appliances, you may be able to fix it yourself or get help from professional appliance repair technicians. If you have to remove the covers of an appliance to diagnose technical problems, you are better of requesting an appliance service appointment from qualified appliance service techs.

Dishwashing machine repairs

A dishwasher may stop working properly with common problems including dishwasher not starting, dishes not getting clean, dishwasher not filling up, water not draining or the dishwashing machine making loud noises, and so on. Some of these problems may be technical to fix and can only be completed with the help of highly qualified and experienced appliance service technicians.

Stoves and oven range repairs

There are many possible problems you may experience with kitchen appliances like stoves and oven ranges. Some of these may be gas appliances or electric appliances and may pose serious risks for anyone attempting repairs without the necessary training and experience. So problems with stove burner not lighting, oven not heating and the like need to be handled with care and preferably with help of expert techs.

Local appliance service benefits

Fast Repairs

Local appliance service is time-saving and dependable especially when your useful appliance breaks down at an unexpected time like during meal preparations. You can actually have your range repaired on the first visit your local appliance service company comes to your house. There is no point in rescheduling your appliance repair when you have a neighborhood service company that can respond to your call and act immediately.

Multiple Repair Services

Local appliance repair charleston sc companies serve their neighborhood regularly and therefore understand the kind of household appliances most clients own from ranges to washers and many more. It is therefore possible to find an appliance technician who can repair multiple home appliances from major brands. The place where you bought your appliance too does not matter for most local appliance service providers with years of experience.

Free Estimates

Knowing the contacts of your appliance service makes it convenient to schedule an appointment without having the need to visit the company’s site for booking. You can enjoy a free estimate around the clock. Your professional local appliance service will also not charge you extra when your machine fails during the weekend or over the holiday season.

Work guarantee

Most professional appliance repair companies offer a 90-day work guarantee for their appliance repair services. A return visit isn’t therefore a bother for repair and maintenance within the window period.

Find a licensed and insured appliance repair company in your local area and trust them with your expensive home appliances when they break down. If you lack technical skills, don’t attempt a DIY repair when your refrigerator or other home appliance breaks down as you may end up worsening the problem and increasing the repair costs.


Appliances have become central to our lives today as they help us maintain high levels of organization and comforts in our homes, offices, restaurants and various places of work. The quality of life we enjoy with use of sophisticated appliances can however be unexpectedly interrupted if one or more appliances stop working properly or even sometimes completely broken. We can do our level best in taking care of various appliances, but problems beyond our technical abilities are inevitable at some point. If such a situations occurs at your place, that’s when you need to find the right appliance repair technician to help you out as quickly as possible.

The search for the right appliance repairmen is not always as easy as it may seem sometimes. There is however no shortage of repairmen who are close to our locations. But the problem is often finding the right ones to match our needs in terms of qualifications, technical abilities, reputation and trustworthiness. When you are worrying about your broken appliance, the last thing you would want to get into is the frustration of dealing with a repairman that is out to take advantage of your situation. In some cases you have people that masquerade as appliance repairmen when in fact they do not have any qualifications and can’t fix most common appliance issues. 

Doing a few checks before hiring any techs for appliance repair near charleston is therefore an important undertaking to avoid unnecessary frustrations. A real appliance repair company is most likely to have been in existence long enough, so you should be able to find several online profiles for their company and at least a business website, all providing information you can quickly compare before calling them. Make sure they clearly state if they have qualified and certified technicians, including a listing of brands and types of appliances they service, and also their service area. When you call them ask for the same information once more to be sure you are going to hire the right people.